9,999 Unique 3D Ducks in Billionaire style.

Phase 1: SOLD OUT

Phase 2 : Mint Live

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About Us

The Billionaire Ducks Club is a collection of 9,999 unique 3D Ducks NFTs. Living on the Polygon Blockchain backed up by a community that wants to conquer the world with ducks.

The concept behind the ducks came because we always admired ducks as bird pets, they have something that grabbed our attention. we took the ducks and shot it with steroids in our own way to represent wealth and to be able to represent every holder that will be considered a member of the Billionaire Ducks Club.

We added some SWAG to make them as badass as we see them. In long term, they will be turned into in-game characters that you will use in our play-to-earn game.

Billionaire Ducks Club NFT


The first 2 weeks selected traits will be Golden crown + Grey Suit.
A Duck with those two selected traits gets to redeem:
  • 1 Extra Free NFT.
  • Phase 2 Free Mint.
  • Our whitelisted members will be able to mint 1 day before with a price of 1 MATIC lower than the live mint date.
    To higher the interest in our project even more we will organize a giveaway with valuable prizes every few months!
    As a project that identifies the Billionaire life style we want to create our own Merch based on individual NFTs! You`ll be able to see your own NFT in real world.
    Not much we can say but as we finish minting the 9,999 Ducks after the completion of the Roadmap, we will announce our P2E utilities that will be unlocked by the traits that your NFT holds.
    We Announced an OG Role in our Discord. which gives the holder of that role
  • Access to our Beta testing of the game.
  • Airdropped tokens of our game that we are developing.
  • Access to a private chat and meetings with the Duck Mafia Team.

  • OG Roles can be revoked. if the member is in-active and doesnt have concerns about the project moving forward.

    New H2R Utility

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    Road Map

    01 - Foundation

  • Build Discord group and website. Set up social media.
  • Start 1st level community building.
  • Start growing through invites and social media accounts.
  • Announce the official mint date & prices
  • 02 - Preparation

  • Start filling white list with our best and most active. Only 300 slots available for first mint Whitelist.
  • Plenty of sneak peeks of the ducks.
  • Fun games with great prizes.
  • Get the word out! We want everyone excited for mint day!.
  • Announce H2R Utility (First time into the NFT Space).
  • Mint the first 1,000 ducks!!!
  • 03 - Second Drop

  • Continue to build a strong community.
  • Contests for Free Mint & White List
  • Special roles and contests for large holders and floor sweepers!
  • Announce our 2nd mint date.
  • Mint ducks 1,000-6,000, leaving 3,999 ducks for the final mint.
  • 04 - Third Drop

  • Start working on a game using your own ducks as avatars!
  • ETH giveaways for our OG, sweeper, and large holders members
  • Special contests for the last 100 WL spots for the phase 3 mint.
  • Announce launch of the final mint!!
  • 05 - Billionaire Ducks Club V2

  • Soon after final mint the game will release! We cant say a lot yet. But it will be fun!
  • Holders of the top 20 ducks will get special merch for FREE
  • Staking of ducks for coins to be used in game.
  • A very special announcement about the limited edition v2 Billionaire Ducks!!
  • 3D Gallery Room

    Sneak Peek

    Billionaire Ducks Club NFT

    Meet The Duck Mafia


    Owner & Artist









    Promotional Video


    Billionaire Ducks Will drop at 15 March 2022! Let us all be ready !
    There will be only 9,999 Billionaire Ducks!
    You can contact us by joining our Discord Server & open a ticket we will try to respond as quickly as possible.
    The Pre-sale Price is : 4 MATIC
    Live Mint Price is : 5 MATIC
    Simply by following the rules on how to get whitelisted in our Discord Server.
    You can see the Billionaire Duck hiding under a scarf on opensea. the reveal date will be immediately after phase 1 sold out.
    The Billionaire Ducks is living on the polygon blockchain, so it will be purchased using MATIC, fill up your metamask and prepare for the mint date.
    You have to use metamask and the polygon network.